Dur-e-Fishan Jhumky Earrings

Elevate your style with our Ishq Murshad Inspired Earrings, as worn by Dur-e-Fishan. Crafted with precision and featuring a captivating blend of green stones and magenta, meena kari they exude timeless elegance and are available worldwide.

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Introducing Ishq Murshad Inspired Earrings, as donned by Dur-e-Fishan, the esteemed actress in this pivotal drama moment. Elevate your style with these captivating accessories, embodying the essence of elegance and sophistication showcased in ishq murshad Episode 21.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these earrings feature a striking color fusion of lush green and vibrant magenta, accentuated by opulent 24k gold plating for a touch of luxury.

Designed in the classic jhumky style, these earrings exude timeless charm, perfectly complementing the drama’s narrative. Whether you’re a fan of the series or simply drawn to their beauty, these earrings are certain to make a statement.

Indulge in luxury and style with our Ishq Murshad  Inspired Earrings, evoking the emotions of this memorable episode. Handcrafted with pride in Pakistan, they showcase exceptional craftsmanship. Plus, with worldwide shipping available, you can experience the allure of these earrings no matter where you are.

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1 review for Dur-e-Fishan Jhumky Earrings

  1. Fizza

    Absolutely stunning! These Inspired Earrings are even more beautiful in person. Definitely worth every penny!”

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